Time passes, the seasons roll gently on and the Rosacanina flower garden billows and burgeons beautifully through it all. This has been the most extraordinary growing year. It started with the garden under a metre of snow, and since then we have had to contend with floods, drought, rainstorms, howling gales, hail, blistering heat and two helpful kittens eager to join in with all the work. Many weeks in May, June, July and August were spent plodding up and down the garden with watering cans for hours every morning and evening, until the new hoses were installed and it all became easier. There have been occasional muted discussions about automatic watering systems, so that may well be a happy feature of next summer’s daily gardening programme. The raised beds are becoming rather elderly, and the wood is starting to crumble – so some of them are now jauntily bound round with blue ratchet straps. A winter renovation job is called for; this will incorporate sturdy posts to hold netting which will support the flowers and stop them flopping all over the path. The greenhouse was a wonderful place to start off the seeds and grow them on before they went into the garden, but when the temperature reached 51 degrees in June it became just silly. New shading was bought and put up, and at last there was some relief from the frying. Despite all the vicissitudes, the garden has responded magnificently to all the love, care and compost it has been fed, and we have had buckets and buckets of lovely healthy flowers to brighten our days and your weddings and events. Now the time has come to clear many of the beds ready for the next seeds to be sown before the nights become cold. They will germinate in the warm soil, put down sturdy roots and survive the winter as tiny plants, waiting for spring and the surge of growth. In the meantime the shredder is roaring and the compost bins are overflowing. Happy days.

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  1. What a wonderful display of flowers and good luck to you and my perfect grand daughter Holly who makes to the most amazing bouquets, bunches etc for weddings and any other event. Lots of hard work have obviously gone into this but you seem to have coped exceedingly well. Congratulations.

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