In what can feel like a tumultuous time I am convinced now more than ever that we need eco floristry! In order to respond to the changing environment we need ethical consumerism and the opportunity to celebrate life’s events with what is growing locally to us.

Just like what you eat and what you wear, the flowers you buy have their own environmental story. People consider the amount of air travel they’re comfortable with but are forgetting that almost all of the flowers in the shops arrived there by air.

The Eco flower movement is growing. now has over 600 businesses signed up and our eco growers collective has 1500 members – that’s 1500 passionate florists all committed to cutting out chemicals and dramatically reducing the carbon footprint for their floral displays.

We’re thinking globally and acting locally. We don’t want single use plastics to end up in oceans or pesticides to leak into our waterways. We’re pesticide free, we don’t use floral foam and we’re recycling donated plastic pots until they fall apart when we’ll move to eco versions.

We’re going to work to educate our local community about British flower seasonality. Del and I are committed to only using British seed producers: Higgledy Garden and Sarah Raven are suppliers we love. We will continue to pick fresh examples of the flowers grown from their seeds to make exquisite arrangements for you in the year ahead.  

British flowers are beautiful. By choosing a local grower you’re getting bigger, more vibrant, heads on your flowers with an unparalleled scent. I love long arching cosmos stems, chunky dahlias and delicate grasses. The powerful aroma and intense scene of colour that hits you when opening Del’s shed is overwhelming and glorious.

In a time of environmental strain I am taking time to appreciate what is around us. What can be better than the hope that watching flower beds, with their cycle of death and rebirth, can bring? Flowers must die off but ours go straight into the creation of “black-gold” compost; decay makes way for beauty by feeding next year’s plants.

Much like a winter garden the world can look a bit cold and bleak right now, but under the ground resilient, healthy shoots are working their way to the surface…  


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  1. Fantastic! What a positive words to encourage a more sustainable way of growing and selling flowers. Your flowers look amazing!

  2. I had never really considered the journey of flowers and literally never taken this into account when buying them. It seems obvious to check where apples come from but not where roses do, the most British of all flowers. I’ve seen fair trade on flowers, but I guess they must be flown in. A very interesting read and one I will consider when next buying flowers.

  3. I couldn’t agree with you more!! All of our consumption needs to be considered, and I love that you bring this consideration to the world of events and floral decoration. Thank you for thinking of us all.
    Having seen your beautiful floral displays first hand, I know that you take this seriously, both in the sense of visual aesthetics, and in the economic production of flowers and arrangement materials. My eyes are opened, and should I ever get married, get celebrated or celebrate with flowers, I will always go to you. Xx

  4. This is such a great and interesting read, I also don’t really think about where the supermarket flowers I buy have come from, but will now be checking it, and will try and source some local ones instead! I love what you guys are doing, your work is always exquisite and I can’t wait for my next event to see what you’ve got in store this year!

  5. As others have said, it’s so important bringing people’s attention to this issue whilst also providing a realistic sustainable and utterly beautiful alternative to flown flowers.

  6. When you write about eco floristry so beautifully, it makes perfect and beautiful sense. So, yes, why dont we take the same approach towards the purchase of flowers that we have begun to take for our food purchases? I hope as the movement grows and becomes more well known , we soon will be moving in your direction.
    I can vouch for the beautiful colours, textures and fragrances of Rosacanina’s flower arrangements.

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